Synchronize MineralTree with Intacct


Below are the steps to sync your Intacct account with MineralTree

1. Sign into your MineralTree account using the welcome email that you've received. You will be prompted to create a new password and Agree to the Software License Agreement.



2. You will be prompted to Configure your Intacct account. This can be done at a later time. Please click "Next" on this screen.



3. Next, you will be prompted to enter Company ID, Username, Password and Entity for Intacct. This information must match what you have registered in Intacct. The next step (step 4) will show you where to find this this information in Intacct. If no Entity ID is entered, MineralTree will use the Main Entity from Intacct. Once the correct information has been entered, click Submit.



4. Sign into Intacct to verify your Company ID and Entity ID. These must be entered into MineralTree exactly as they appear in Intacct. To view your Company ID, click on Company > Company Info. The Company ID will be found on the following page. Please enter this into the MineralTree setup screen from step 3.








5. To view your Entity ID, click Company > Entities. The Entity IDs are shown in a list on the following page and are made up of numbers only. Please enter the Entity ID for the Entity that you would like to use into the MineralTree setup screen from step 3. Then, click Submit.







6. MineralTree will now sync with Intacct account. This will pull over bills, payments, and historical information. This process will take 10-30 minutes but will only need to be done once.



7. After the sync has finished, please verify the payment accounts that your funds will be drawn from. You can also modify your starting check number. This indicates the starting check number that MineralTree will use when sending out your check payments. Click "Save" beside any account that you want to be able to draw funds from for MineralTree payments. Then, click Finish.



8. You're finished setting up your connection between MineralTree and Intacct and are ready for training. You can log out of MineralTree until training begins. To log out, click Settings > Logout


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