Disconnect and Reconnect MineralTree to QuickBooks Online


Audience: Accounting Manager and ERP Admin

Summary: When the credentials change for a QuickBooks Online Administator (e.g. they leave the organization, change their password, etc), Quickbooks Online stops synching to MineralTree. To resolve this, it has to be disconnected and reconnected with the relevant QuickBooks Admin credentials. This article reviews how to accomplish this. 

Disconnect QuickBooks Online from MineralTree

  1. Log in to the Intuit App Center - here 
    • You must be an Administrator in Quickbooks Online to access the Intuit App center
  2. Navigate to the My Apps tab
  3. Locate the MineralTree app
  4. Select Disconnect 

Reconnect QuickBooks Online to MineralTree

  1. Log in to MineralTree 
  2. Click the Connect to Quickbooks icon (upper right)
  3. Enter QuickBooks Online credentials
    • You must be an Administrator in Quickbooks Online authorize the connection to MineralTree.
  4. Authorize the Connection



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