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Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews how to apply credits in NetSuite so that they will be applied in MineralTree. You cannot directly apply credits in MineralTree; it has to be done in your accounting package. 

How to apply credits in NetSuite

1. Click on Transactions > Payables > Enter Bills.


2. Enter bill details and Save.


3. Click on Transactions > Payables > Enter Vendor Credits.

4. Enter credit details and Save.


5. Click Edit on the Bill Credit screen, then click “Apply” under Expenses and Items.

6. Check the box for the relevant bill, and then click Save.


The change to the balance of the bill will sync to MineralTree within a few minutes. The remaining balance can be paid in MineralTree on the Invoices tab after the change has synced.  Information about the credit(s) applied to bills will be included on the remittance for the payment.   The change in amount remaining on the bill will be reflected on the Unpaid Invoices list in MineralTree. Hover over the 'i' to see the original amount.

Note: Credits need to be applied before you move the invoices to the Selected Payments queue. 

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