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Summary: This article outlines the email notifications that are sent to MineralTree users by role, and also indicates the notification delivery preferences that are available to users.

This article contains email notification information for:

Accounting Managers

Unless otherwise noted, notifications are sent to all users with the given role, and unless otherwise noted, notifications cannot be disabled.

Name Description Frequency
Documents sent by vendors

Disabled by default.

Triggered when vendors or other non-users of the account email documents to MineralTree. 

Invoice Approval request rejected Triggered when Invoice Approvers reject an invoice approval request. No notification is sent when invoices are approved. Immediate
Payment Approved Triggered when Payment Authorizers approve payments. Immediate
Payment Submitted Triggered when payments that do not require additional approval are submitted for processing. Immediate
Payment Note Added Triggered when Accounting Managers or Payment Authorizers add a note to a payment. Immediate
Manual Payment Approved Triggered when Payment Authorizers approve manual payments. AMs are reminded to manually mark payments as paid. Immediate
Payment Voided Triggered when AMs void payments. Immediate
Failed Payment Triggered when payments fail to process, either due to changes made to vendor/invoice information after approval or required fields missing. Immediate
Payment Rejected Triggered when Payment Authorizers reject a payment. Immediate
Scheduled payments exceed Transaction Limits Triggered when payments scheduled for the day exceed the daily transaction limits. Once per day
Scheduled payments awaiting approval Triggered 24 hours before a scheduled payment is due to be processed if the payment is still in an awaiting approval state. Once per day
Scheduled payments passed scheduled date Triggered if payments have passed their scheduled date but have still not been approved. Once per day
New Bank Account added Triggered when new bank accounts are added for payment. AMs must verify the new account in the Company Profile before it can be used for payment. Immediate


Payment Authorizers

  • Unless otherwise noted, notifications are sent to all users with the given role.
  • Payment Authorizers have the ability to disable all notifications in the Payment category by navigating to the Preferences tab. 
  • Secondary Authorizers only receive notifications after the Primary Authorizer has approved a payment.
Name Description Frequency
Payments Awaiting Approval

Triggered when AMs submit payments for approval

Scheduled payments still awaiting approval Triggered when payments with a scheduled date have not yet been approved and scheduled payment date is within 24 hours or has already passed. Once per day
Payment Note Added  Triggered when Accounting Managers or Payment Authorizers add a note to a payment. Immediate


Invoice Approvers

Unless otherwise noted, notifications are sent to all users with the given role. Invoice Approvers have the ability to specify whether to receive new requests once per day or as they are submitted by navigating to the Preferences tab. 

Name Description Frequency
Invoice Approval Requested Triggered when invoice approval is requested, either by an AM or by an automated invoice approval rule. As submitted OR daily digest
Invoice Approval Reminder Triggered when invoice approval requests have been outstanding for more than 3 days. Reminders automatically stop if an invoice's status changes to Paid. Daily digest
Automatic Invoice Approval Request to Sender Triggered when a user with the invoice approval role emails a document into the MineralTree account. Disabled by default. Can be enabled at the company level.



Name Description
Two-Factor Authentication/Payment Verification Triggered when Two-Factor delivery settings are enabled/disabled.
Payment Approval Rules Triggered when Payment Approval workflow is updated.
Transaction Limits Triggered when Transaction Limits are updated.
Payment Plan Triggered when Payment Plan is updated. This is a MineralTree internal field, and does not affect end-customer's billing status.
Accounting Software Triggered when the Accounting System for integration is updated. This can only be done before data has synced into the MineralTree account.


All Users

Name Description Frequency
New User Invitation All new users (excluding Invoice Approvers) receive this notification as soon as they're activated. This email contains username, password, and link to the login page. Immediate
Resent Invitation This email contains the username and link to the login page. Immediate
Password Reset This email contains a temporary password. Immediate
Additional Company Assignment Informational message when an existing user is added to a new entity. Immediate
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