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MineralTree customers who integrate with NetSuite have the option to configure Single Sign On and use their NetSuite credentials to access MineralTree. When configured, NetSuite users access the MineralTree application from within the NetSuite interface.


MineralTree BankOps/Customer Administration Application – User Details

In order to take advantage of Single Sign On from NetSuite, MineralTree users must be configured as single sign-on users.

  1. In the administration application, click “New User”, and enter the user’s email address.
  2. Check the box labeled “Create Single Sign-On User” and click Submit.
  3. In both the User ID and Username field, enter the user’s NetSuite email address.
  4. Fill in the remaining required information, and click Save.

NetSuite Configuration

Enable SuiteSignOn

  1. Within NetSuite, click Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud
  2. Within the Manage Authentication section, enable the SuiteSignOn record and click

Install the MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay Bundle

                  Note: an account administrator or user with SuiteBundler permissions must perform this step.

  1. Go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles, and search for MineralTree SingleSignOn - MT. Or, bundle #111188
  2. Click the bundle, and on the Bundle Details page, click Install and then Install Bundle on the following page.
  3. Once the installation is complete, click refresh, and the MineralTree tab will be available in the NetSuite menu.

                  For more details, see NetSuite SuiteAnswers Answer #10223

Configure the MineralTree Tab

  1. Click the MineralTree tab, and then click Set Up in the Custom Content portlet.
  2. Select MineralTree from the Source dropdown, and click
  3. Click the MineralTree tab again, and the MineralTree application will launch in a separate window. Ensure that popup blockers are disabled.


Single Sign-On users access MineralTree by logging in to NetSuite and clicking the MineralTree tab. MineralTree users who are associated with multiple companies will use the NetSuite menu to navigate between companies, and will log into the appropriate MineralTree company by clicking the MineralTree tab within each NetSuite account. NetSuite OneWorld users who have synced to more than one MineralTree account will select the company they want to log into from a company list after clicking the MineralTree tab.

If MineralTree does not open after the tab is clicked, confirm that pop-ups are enabled in the browser.

Note: there is no requirement that all users associated with a company are single sign-on users, so it is possible that some users access MineralTree through the NetSuite interface while others access MineralTree directly.


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