Invoice Creation



Three methods of invoice creation are supported in the MineralTree workflow:

  • Automated data capture via documents
  • Data entry within MineralTree
  • Manual data entry within the accounting system

Regardless of the method used, invoices sync between MineralTree and the accounting system. The three methods can be used simultaneously by the customer to suit the specific characteristics of each invoice.

Automated Data Capture

Automated data capture eliminates the majority of data entry associated with invoice creation. When enabled, invoice data associated with documents that are loaded into MineralTree – either through email or uploaded in the MineralTree interface – is returned approximately 24 hours after the document is uploaded. Returned data includes header level information such as Vendor Name, Invoice Number, and Invoice Amount. Optionally, line level data is also available. Please see this article for a full list of fields captured during the automated data capture process.

When invoice capture is enabled, all documents, with the exception of image files (.png, .jpg, .jpeg) and text (.txt) files created from the bodies of emails, are sent through the data capture process.

Users can override the capture process at any time by electing to manually enter the data or attach the document to invoice data that already exists.

Invoices created via the automated data capture process are saved in a draft status, and must be reviewed by users for completeness before they are posted to the accounting system. These invoices are available in both the Inbox and on the Invoices tab. Once an invoice has been posted to the accounting system, the invoice is available for payment.

Data Entry within MineralTree

Manual invoice entry within MineralTree mirrors the process in the accounting system, but allows the customer to complete the entire invoice-to-pay workflow in one system. Invoices are created in the Inbox, and can be created with or without an associated document.

Invoices created within MineralTree are initially saved in a draft status. Once posted to the accounting system, invoices are available for payment.

Data Entry within the accounting system

Invoices entered into the accounting system sync to MineralTree as unpaid invoices and are available for payment.

Supported Invoice Fields by Accounting System

The table below outlines the invoice fields supported for each accounting system. Italicized fields are eligible for invoice capture.


Default Coding Fields by Accounting System

To further reduce the manual effort associated with invoice entry, users can assign default values for invoices by vendor. The table below shows which defaults are available by accounting system.


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