Applying Credits in Quickbooks Desktop to Sync with MineralTree


You cannot apply credits directly in MineralTree; credits need to be applied in Quickbooks.  Please use the method below in order to have credits sync to MineralTree.

Steps to Apply Credits in QuickBooks


  1. From the "Pay Bills" window in Quickbooks select the desired Bill.
  2. From the details click "Set Credits" and apply the corresponding Credit.
  3. From the Bill list change the "Amount to Pay" to $0.00 and click "Pay Selected Bills".
    • The Bill will now sync to MineralTree and appear in the Unpaid Bill list with the Credit deducted in the Amount Due.  You will find the Credit listed in SEARCH tab in MineralTree.  
  4. Select the Bill for Payment in MineralTree and submit the Bill for Approval/Payment.  Information about the Credit(s) applied to bills will be included on the remittance for the payment.   
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