Applying Credits in QuickBooks Online to Sync with MineralTree


1. Go to +, Bill to create a bill.

2. Enter bill details and Save.

3. Go to +, Vendor Credit to create a credit.

4. Enter Credit details and Save.

5. Go to +, Pay Bills.

6. Filter by specific Vendor and Date Range to find bill.

7. Click the check box to the left of the bill to which you would like to apply the credit. Enter the amount of the Vendor Credit under CREDIT APPLIED and $0.00 under PAYMENT, then click Save.

8. The bill should now show a reduced balance in QuickBooks.

9. This reduction in balance will sync to MineralTree and be reflected on the Unpaid Invoices list. This information may take several minutes to sync over. Hover over the 'i' icon next to the bill amount to see the original amount before the credit was applied.


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