Authorize Quickbooks Connector


Below are the setups required to authorize the MineralTree QuickBooks desktop Connector to work with your QuickBooks Company file. This is a one time authorization for each Company file.

  1. Login to QuickBooks as an Admin in Single User Mode
  2. Launch the MineralTree Connector (likely shortcut on your desktop)
  3. The QuickBooks Application will pop up with the below Certificate screen:
    1. Select “Yes whenever the QuickBooks company file is open” (4th option).
    2. Select "Login as: Admin"
    3. Check “Allow the application to access personal data…”




4. Select "Done" and/or Complete on the next popup.

5. It will then come up with a second (similar) window asking you to confirm those same options as above.

6. The connector should then say "Synchronizing with Quickbooks".

NOTE: It will say "Connected to Server" when the sync is complete. 

7. (Optional) If the connector asks you for a Token, you can get it in the Mineraltree website via

Settings -> Company Profile -> "Get New Key"


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