Utilize Manual Payments


In addition to automated payment types (Check and ACH) MineralTree also allows users to process the following “manual” payments through the application.

  • Manual Check: a manually issued check (not initiated through the application)
  • Manual Card: a card payment made out of band (not initiated through the application)
  • Biller Portal: Your company enters vendor information in the Biller Portal belonging to the vendor. The vendor initiates an ACH debit (not initiated through the application)

Manual payments utilize the same approval workflow and document management as automated payments, but MineralTree does not process any payments.

Unlike automated payments once a manual payment has been submitted, approved and processed there is a final step before it will sync to the accounting package

  1. From the Payments tab locate the manual payment.
  2. Click on the amount to open the Payment Details dialog.
  3. Enter the Check Number and click “Mark as Paid” (bottom right). Note: for Biller Portal and Manual Card payments you do not need to provide a check #.

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