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Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: How and when you can void payments within MineralTree

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How to void payments in MineralTree

1. As an Accounting Manager user, go to Payments and click into the Payment Details screen by clicking on the payment amount.


2. Click "Void" in the bottom right corner. This will void the payment in MineralTree, which will re-open the invoice (i.e. return the record to the Unpaid Invoices list on the Invoices tab). The void will not sync back to the accounting system -- with the exception of Xero -- this will need to be done manually. 

3. Voiding payments in MineralTree only affects record keeping and will not actually cancel a payment. To cancel the payment, please see the below section.

When and how to cancel various payment types

  Before payment clears  After payment clears
Check Call customer support before 8:30am ET the day after approved    Contact your bank 
ACH (via your bank)  Contact your bank to stop payment Contact vendor 
ACH.com Contact MineralTree customer support Contact vendor 
SilverPay    Contact MineralTree customer support Contact vendor 
Amex  Contact Amex customer service Contact vendor 
Wire Contact MineralTree customer support Contact vendor 

This article only applies to payments already made in MineralTree. If the payment has not been sent out, the VOID button will show as "Add to Queue" and you can recall the payment. 

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