How do I recover a failed payment?


1. When a payment fails in MineralTree, users are notified via an email notification and Accounting Managers can also see a notification of failure on the DASHBOARD, under the Unpaid Invoices aging graph.

2. To see the reason for failure, simply click on the red "Failed" link to open the Payment Details screen (which can also be accessed by clicking on the payment amount link from the PAYMENTS tab).

3. The Payment Details will show the reason for failure in the "Status" section on the left. 

4. To re-submit this payment, simply click "Add to Queue" in the bottom right corner. This will add the payment back to the Selected Payments queue on the Unpaid Invoices screen. From there, simply click the arrow next to the payment Amount and choose "Return to Unpaid" to return the associated invoices back to the Unpaid list. The payment can then be re-submitted once the reason for failure is addressed.


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