When are MineralTree payments delivered?


This list shows delivery times for different payments types, specifically when a vendor may expect to have payment details in hand (their own processing times may vary): 

  • Wire: 1 hour
  • Credit Card: Same evening
  • ACH: Next day *
  • Expedited check: Next day +1
  • Check: Payment date + 5 days **

Please note that these timings are based on business, not calendar, days.

* If approved before the daily cutoff time, which varies by bank.

** Checks that are approved for immediate payment (date "Not Set") will be mailed on the following day.


  • ACH payment with dates on a Friday may be debited to your account the same day, but funds will not be transmitted until Monday.
  • Check payments can be delivered overnight for a fee. Please see this article.
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