Recurring invoices in MineralTree


Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews how to create recurring invoices to track bills that occur periodically (e.g. rent)

This article is for MineralTree users without an accounting package. If your MineralTree platform is connected to an accounting package, you should use the auto-schedule feature. Alternatively, you may also be able to create scheduled bills in your ERP, which will sync over to the MineralTree platform for payment. 

Create a recurring invoice

1. Log into MineralTree.

2. Click the Inbox icon at upper right.

3. Click the "create an invoice without a document" link.

4. Enter the vendor name.


5. Click the "scheduler" button to open the schedule pane.

6. In the "Starts On" box, enter a date (e.g. 3/4/19).

7. Click the "no end date" box, or enter an end date.

8. Click Save to save the schedule and the pane will disappear.


9. Enter an amount and click the Create button.

10. You should see a confirmation dialog that the invoice was created.


11. In the Quicklinks menu at upper right, choose "Manage Recurring Invoices".


12. You should see the new schedule listed for this vendor.

13. Click the Invoices tab to see the first instance of this unpaid bill.


Moving forward, you should then see these invoices created in your MineralTree Invoices tab on the dates you have chosen. Please note that these bills are still subject to any invoice or payment approval processes you have in place, and must be processed for payment by an Accounting Manager as usual.

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