Lost Connection between MineralTree and Intacct


If you have already been set up with MineralTree and have synced with Intacct previously, but you see the below notification in the upper right when you log into MineralTree -- 


-- your MineralTree account has been disconnected from Intacct.  This is usually related to changes made to the Intacct user registered with the sync. This could include the following :

     -- Intacct user's password was changed

     -- Intacct user's permissions were changed

     -- Intacct user was made inactive / was deleted

To reconnect, simply click on the CONNECT TO Intacct button.  

A pop-up will appear asking for an Intacct user to register for the sync.  If the password was changed, you simply can enter the same user that was registered previously and their new password.  



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