Payments to international vendors


Summary: The types of payments you can send to international vendors.

Audience: Accounting Manager, Payment Authorizer

MineralTree allows for payments to international vendors as follows:

  • All countries: You may send check payments in USD to vendors in any country.
  • Canada: MineralTree currently supports several types of payments to Canadian vendors.
    • Checks in USD funds can be sent to Canadian addresses.
    • Checks in CAD, if the pay-from account is with a Canadian bank, and the vendor accepts CAD payments. (NB: the MineralTree site will show the transaction as USD.) You must have a checking account with a Canadian bank and make your payment from that account.
    1. Check: You may send check payments in CAD or USD to Canadian vendors. Please note that all checks are mailed out from the same location in the eastern US, so delivery to Canadian addresses may take longer than our standard time.
    2. ACH in USD to a US branch of a Canadian bank.

The MineralTree application does not currently display foreign currency details. Any payment amount shown should be read in terms of that vendor and payment. For example, if you make a payment of 100.00 and choose to pay from a Canadian account on the MineralTree site, your vendor will receive CAD$ 100. If you make the same payment from a US account, the payment will be for USD $100.00.

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