NetSuite Amortization Template Integration



The Amortization feature in NetSuite allows items and expenses to be recognized over multiple accounting periods. MineralTree allows you to take advantage of this feature by syncing/integrating the Amortization templates straight over from NetSuite. 


Creating Templates in NetSuite

To use the Amortization Sync feature - you must first ensure you have templates created in NetSuite. You can create templates by going to your dashboard and selecting:

Lists -> Accounting -> Amortization Templates -> New



From here, you can create your template line-by-line according to your specifications:





Using Templates in MineralTree

Once your Template is created, go back to MineralTree and go to your Invoices page. The Template data should sync automatically after a few minutes (alongside your other NetSuite data).

To apply the Template, select the Invoice number you would like to apply it to:



Once your invoice is open, scroll down and select the Schedule you would like to apply to your invoice.  


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