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Audience:  Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews how to send the vendor remittance information after a payment is authorized. This remittance essentially tells the vendor that a payment is coming, what form it is coming in (Check, ACH, etc), and the invoice numbers the payment will apply to.

This is different from the remittance that a vendor would get once the payment is processed in the example of an Amex or SilverPay payment. 

This article covers:

Where to add a remittance email

MineralTree Accounting Manager users can set up remittance email contacts by vendor by following these steps:

1.  Click on the Vendor name link from the Invoices or Search tab to go to the Vendor Details screen.  


2.  Scroll down to the Payment Preferences section to see the Remittance emails set up for this vendor.  You can edit this email or remove it.  You can also uncheck the "Send remittance" checkbox to disable this feature.  Once you're finished, click Save to finalize your changes.  

3.  You can also add additional contacts.  These may include additional contacts at the vendor or you could even include your own email address in order to receive remittance copies.  Click Save to finalize your changes.

Remittance sent to the vendor

When payments are sent to this vendor through MineralTree, all contacts listed will automatically receive a notification with the remittance details and an estimated delivery date.  Please see the below for an example of the remittance notification email. To learn about remittance memos, click here. 

If credits were applied to the bill(s) being paid, additional lines will be shown in the remittance email with information regarding them.

Note: If you submit a manual payment, MineralTree will not send an email remittance to your vendor.

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