NetSuite Sync Issue


Some MineralTree customers have been affected by a change to NetSuite's web service. This web service change has caused sync issues for the affected customers, and MineralTree has opened a case with NetSuite to investigate. NetSuite is conducting an active investigation on this defect to identify the root cause and is working towards a resolution. NetSuite expects a resolution within 5 business days, and we will continue to update NetSuite customers on their progress.

For customers affected by this issue who are unable to sync data with NetSuite, MineralTree recommends creating the invoices in MineralTree and issuing payment on those invoices. Once NetSuite has resolved the problem, connectivity will be restored and invoices created in MineralTree will sync back to NetSuite.

For instructions on how to create an invoice in MineralTree, please visit and reference "data entry within MineralTree".

If you have any questions, please contact MineralTree support.

Thank you for your patience.

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