How do I set up invoice approvers in MineralTree?



To set up Invoice Approvers for an Invoice:

You can assign an invoice approver at the invoice level or you can define automated rules by vendor. To make a one-time request for an invoice, simply enter the email of the invoice approver under “Invoice Approval Routing” on the Invoice Details screen.  If this is a new invoice approver, you will be shown a link to “Add New Approver”, which will request their email address and first and last name.  

Once the invoice approver is added (indicated by a gray box around their name), you can simply SAVE the invoice in MineralTree and a request will be sent to this user.  

This invoice approver will be remembered by MineralTree moving forward and will come up as a suggestion when you starting typing their name or email in the future.


To set up an automated rule for a vendor, enter the email address under “Manage Invoice Approvers” on the Vendor Details screen and SAVE.  

Vendor Details (click on the vendor name anywhere in MineralTree) -- 

Add invoice approver --

Any future invoices for this vendor entered into MineralTree will be automatically emailed to this address for approval.  


To set up Default Invoice Approvers:

To setup automated rules for dimensions such as Class, Department, etc.

you can follow the steps in this article: How to Add a Default Invoice Approver Rules


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