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Summary: Reviews what the MineralTree Administrator can change within the Customer Administrator Application with links to the relevant articles. 


There are two main areas a MineralTree user can access as an administrator. The Company Information tab and the Manage Users tab. In these areas, there are several settings that can be changed in regards to security, invoice and payment approval, users and company information. Your MineralTree Admin can access the Admin section of MineralTree (also called the Customer Administrator Application), under Settings > Manage Company Settings. Below is a comprehensive list of all the things that can be changed under those two tabs. 

Company Information tab

Manage Users tab

Company Contact Information

Company contact information will change your company's name and address (which will also change the name and address that appears on any checks processed through MineralTree.

Screen_Shot_2019-03-11_at_10.40.34_AM.pngRemittance Message

The remittance message that you enter under the Company Information section is a global setting and will appear on the remittance detail sent to your vendors. It has a 200 character limit. 


Remittance Memo Line

The Remittance Memo Line refers to what information should be displayed on the remittance stub your vendor receives upon the authorization of the payment. You can choose the account number (which comes from the Vendor Details Page) or the Invoice Memo (which is created on the Invoice Details Page while coding the invoice).  See this article for more information. 


Edit a user

Users can be managed under the Manage Users tab, located under Settings > Manage Company Settings. 

The following attributes can be adjusted here by clicking on the user name:  

  • name
  • phone number
  • user role
  • security settings
  • password


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