How do I manage my users and settings?


Your MineralTree implementation manager will configure one or more users as Admin during the onboarding process at your request.  Users with this access can adjust company information and settings and also manage users.  To access the Admin section of MineralTree, go to SETTINGS → MANAGE COMPANY SETTINGS.  

Company information and settings can be adjusted on the COMPANY INFORMATION tab.  Possible changes include the company address and contact information, security preferences related to 2-Factor Authentication codes, Invoice Approval settings, and Payment Approval settings.

Users can be managed under the MANAGE USERS tab.  User name, phone numbers, user role, email address and security settings can be adjusted here.  Users can also have their passwords reset.  New users can be created as well by clicking Add New User.  


You can delete a user by clicking on the user's name, and selecting "Remove" on the top right hand corner of the popup:



To return to Accounting Manager application, click "Open Accounting Manager" on the top of the screen.


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