Why don't some invoices or payments sync to my accounting package?


MineralTree performs a two-way sync between your instance on our servers and your accounting package (AP). Sometimes invoices or payments may fail to sync back to the AP for various reasons, which can include:

  • Duplicate bill or payment exists in the AP
  • Bill has a different status in MineralTree and the AP
  • Bill was deleted in the AP

Invoices or payments in this state will show with a red "warning" icon in the MineralTree site. These items are discrepancies between the two systems, and can be addressed either in MineralTree or in the AP.

Most important: do not be alarmed! These errors do not mean the system is broken or that nothing is working. Payments will still go out through MineralTree despite any sync errors, and usually only a small fraction of invoices or payments are affected. Once the errors are addressed, the items will then sync back to your AP.

To help deal with these issues, we provide two reports in the MineralTree site that list objects that failed to sync, along with the error message and steps to address the particular issue:

  1. To access the reports, go to the REPORTS tab in MineralTree.
  2. Run either the “Invoice Sync Failures” or “Payment Sync Failures” reports.  
  3. These reports display the invoices and payments that failed to sync, along with basic error information.
  4. We recommend that you click the the Download button, and choose CSV, to download a report in CSV format. You can view this file in Excel or other spreadsheet programs
  5. This report will contain the error message, if any, and in many cases also include stesp to take to fix the issue, either in the MineralTree site or the AP.

If you use QuickBooks Desktop or GreatPlains software for your AP, and don't see any error messages, please contact MineralTree support to arrange for an upgrade to the Connector program installed on your local server. The newest version has more robust and detailed error messaging.

For cases without an error description, or if the suggested remedies cannot be implemented (i.e. an invoice is locked for editing), please reach out to support@mineraltree.com for assistance.

Please note:

  • Invoices in sync failure can still be paid in MineralTree. Just click on the invoice number to get the details page, then click the Pay/Override icon at upper right, and submit your payment.
  • Payment sync failures are independent of actual payment delivery to your vendor. To confirm payments went out, you can log into MineralTree to view the Payment history and status. For the case of checks, payments that really went out will show a check number, and that value will be a link to the check image. ACH payments will show text confirming they were submitted.
  • Documents, like invoices or payments, sometimes fail to sync over correctly to the AP. Sync failures for documents are rarer, and simply indicate that a PDF or other file associated with an invoice is present in aMineralTree, but not in the AP. We are working to add features to allow more control over document sync issues, but for now if you see such errors, please contact us and we will address them for you.

We now show sync error notifications in the MT site. Please see this article for more information.

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