How often does MineralTree sync with my accounting system? Does MineralTree have a “manual sync” option? How do I review the status of the sync? What if there’s a problem with my connection?

You can see the last time you successfully synced with your accounting system by hovering  your mouse over the SETTINGS area in the upper right corner.   

MineralTree does not provide a “manual sync” option to trigger the sync when you choose since our automatic sync is constantly running.  For NetSuite, Intacct, and Quickbooks Online, you are guaranteed to sync one per hour, but if you are logged into MineralTree, your sync should occur much more frequently – on average every 10-15 minutes. For QuickBooks Desktop and Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, the sync will occur every 5 minutes.  

If you’re not seeing specific records from your accounting system not showing in MineralTree or believe you may have an issue with your connection, please see this article on our site.


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