MineralTree sync time


Audience: Accounting Manager

Summary: Reviews sync frequency by accounting package. 

Sync frequency

Sync frequencies will vary by accounting system.

QuickBooks Desktop 5 minutes
Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains         5 minutes
Sage 100 user defined (recommend 10-30 min)
Sage 100 Cloud user defined (recommend 10-30 min)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 15 minutes
NetSuite 1 hour (5 minutes if logged into MT)
Intacct 1 hour (5 minutes if logged into MT)
QuickBooks Online 1 hour (5 minutes if logged into MT)
Xero 1 hour (5 minutes if logged into MT)


You can see the last time you successfully synced with your accounting system by hovering your mouse over the Settings area in the upper right corner.


If you’re not seeing specific records from your accounting system not showing in MineralTree or believe you may have an issue with your connection, please see this article on our site.

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