Can I recall a payment before it's sent out?


Accounting Manager users are able to recall payments before they are released from MineralTree.  (Checks are released at 4 AM Eastern time, ACH payments are released according to each bank's cutoff time).  

To recall the payment --

1. Find the payment in MineralTree on the PAYMENTS tab or the SEARCH tab.  You can search by vendor name, check number, amount, invoice number, etc..  

2. Click on the payment amount link to see the Payment Details screen.  

3. Click "Add to Queue" in the bottom right corner to recall this payment. This will add the payment back to the Selected Payments queue on the far right side of INVOICES tab. From there, simply click the arrow next to the payment Amount and choose "Return to Unpaid" (or click Remove All to empty the whole queue) to return the associated invoices back to the Unpaid list.


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